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Love and adventure in the PNW

These two came up from California and spent the their time soaking up the Oregon sun!

Maddie and Jordy have been together for over two and a half years now. They both have a burning passion for adventure and its just one of the many things that fuels their fire.

Jordy rides and works on dirt bikes professionally and Maddie is a lapidary and silversmithing magician. The jewelry she's wearing? Yes, she made it.

We went up to the mountain top to show them a good view. Maddie and I walked around the clear cut and soaked up our surroundings. Jordy and Anthony went down a trail and started exploring off the side of the mountain.

The sun started to get on the ridge and Anthony and Jordy came back. I grabbed my camera, jumped up and made Maddie get Jordy to come over to the edge of the mountain top we were on. Jordy isn't the biggest fan of getting pictures taken (what guy is?! haha) so I just told them to hug and

be cozy. Maddie made Jordy laugh and I just happened to catch this little shot.

I managed to get a few more pictures out of him and we walked away with a few awesome shots.

This one ended up being my absolute favorite.

These two have something so special you can't help but be fascinated by just watching them be Together.

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